Hermit Thrush Horny Level: 7

weedguy420boner: Thrush is at 7

weedguy420boner:  *brews another pot of coffee*

me: get the boys upstairs on the horn. we are at 7

me: a bunch of big supercomputers installed in the 70s are whirring to life for the first time trying to analyze the horny level

weedguy420boner: The facility’s pneumatic tubes are looking like the club as the scientists try to make sense of the data

me: fluorescent lights down a hallway blink to life in succession, lighting the path to an abandoned laboratory in which unauthorized experiments were carried out on horny levels. the walls are filled with photos of thrush as a child undergoing a gauntlet of testing, mainly on his dick and balls

me: complex calculations fill a chalkboard at the back of the room. at the end of the equation… the answer appears to be… F to the power of “e”, f to the power of “o”… Fefo?????

weedguy420boner: An old man, long since retired, receives a phone call in he dead of night. He picks up, a voice says “7” and hangs up. He rises  from bed to stare out into the night.

me: residents in a remote, sparsely populated town reported a strange emergency broadcast system message taking over every channel on tv. the message itself was garbled in a way no one could understand, as if the tape it was recorded on had degraded over time. this town also was the site of advanced weaponry research during the cold war

weedguy420boner: I think he’s just jacking off in earnest now

me: yeah he’s slammin that thing all over

hi cathyites

lindz.coop said, 7 days ago
Hi Cathyites!! I know it’s a comic and it’s just supposed to be funny — but does anyone here really buy a new bathing suit every year. I have one I like, and I’ve had it at least 5 years.